Great Selection of Local Craft Brews

With hundreds of beers in stock, we're confident any beer aficionado will find a few brews to their liking.

In addition to the big national brands, such as Budweiser, Coors & Miller, we also offer a wide selection of imported, craft and fruit beers--many of which are from Minnesota.

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Our selection includes:

  • Lager & Pilsner
  • Porter & Stout
  • Amber, Blonde & Brown
  • IPAs & Sours
  • Honey, Apple & Wheat Ales
  • Local Brews
  • Ciders & Sparkling Seltzers
  • Imports
No gluten, no problem.

Buffalo Wine and Spirits keeps a wide selection of gluten-free beer to cater to your needs.

10% Discounts:
  • Four 6-packs
  • Pick 6 bottles from our Mix-n-Match Selection

Both locations offer a wide variety of craft and specialty beers.

Can't find that elusive brew?

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Kegs: A Solution Looking for a Problem

We do not sell kegs and believe our customers are better off buying by the case. Benefits include:

  • Providing a variety of beer styles vs. 8 or 16 gallons (3.5 or 7 cases) of one type
  • Less waste (no foam), can be kept warm, easier to transport & chill.
  • No deposits, no special equipment, no need to fill out paperwork/ register keg.
  • Save time with no need to return equipment, collect deposit, etc.
  • Possibility of returning undamaged, unopened cases/12pks of beer.

We are willing to offer special discounts for keg-equivalent purchases, often resulting in cost per ounce close to keg pricing. Please contact management for more information.

Still convinced that a keg is right for you? Our friends at Maple Lake Wine & Spirits can help (320-963-3715).


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Mix-n-match four 6-packs of specialty or craft brews to receive a 10% discount.

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